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shifting issues and noise

Transmission and Clutch

Model: 911, Year:85, Mileage:108K, Type of use:Street use only
There was a noise from the transmission case that would get louder as the transmission gets warmer. The whining noise gets louder in numerically higher gears especially 3rd and 5th. If you depress the clutch the noise would stop same is true in nuetral. In addition shifting kept getting more difficult. I replaced all the bushing in the shift mechanism. This didn;t seem to help, I tried adjusting the linkage but it doesnt seem to help. I put the car on a lift and there is a nasty sound as though it has a bad bearing in 3rd gear and especially 5th gear. In other gears it isnt noticeable. The vehicle has 108K miles. Last year the pressure plate blew apart after a DE. I drained the oil and noticed a burnt smell, but no signs of metal shavings. I am thinking the pinion bearing is shot. Can I veryify this without disassembling the transaxle. I would like to have a good idea what I am dealing wiith before taking the transaxle to a repair shop.Jerry

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