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Signs of shifter cable beginning to fail?

  • 2007
  • Cayman S
54 000
Cables and Controls
Cables and Controls

I would like to preventatively swap my shifter cables to the numeric racing option so I don't get stranded and can drive it hard without concern of that failing. I'm wondering if there are any signs of the stock cable starting to go before it actually snaps? It seems to shift totally fine right now. I am scheduled to go to the Sept 8th HPDC event at Summit point and wondering if I should have the cable swapped before then. Since it's not a proper DE or AutoX event, I think itll be fine, but curious.


I am planning to do it myself as I have done some other work on the car like plugs and coils, serpentine belt swap, etc. It's my understanding it takes a long time but it's not particularly difficult, just have to get the adjustment right.


Thoughts? Should i try to get it done asap or should the stock cable show signs of impending failure prior to snapping?



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