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Slight antifreeze smell in the cabin of a 2014 Porsche Cayman 981

  • 2014
  • Cayman S
15 000
Castro Valley, 

Hello Porsche enthusiasts! It looks like great weather is coming in time to get our beautiful cars out and enjoy them! It seems like I have a slight antifreeze smell in the interior of my car, 2014 Cayman S 981 with 15000 original miles.
I recently purchased the car and noticed that the antifreeze was down approximately one quart. In a closed system, obviously that one quart of fluid went somewhere, however, that could have been over the past 4 years of its life, which is not really in my opinion a big deal. Also, the antifreeze level may have been a little on the low side when the car was first sold new and possibly the antifreeze was never checked since. There is no indication of overheating or any indication from the dashboard that the fluid level is low. It could be just my imagination, I have a very sensitive sniffer, laugh out loud , but it seems like there is a slight antifreeze smell in the interior of my car occasionally.
Has anyone else experienced a similar condition and have you been able to find a chronic place where the expansion tank or part of the cooling system seeps antifreeze?
Thank you in advance for any wisdom you can give me regarding this issue.
I am considering removing the engine cover to inspect, however, I see no fluid on the driveway floor at this point and my suspicion is that this is a very slight seepage overtime.
Thank you, Aloha, David

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