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smoking breather


Model: 914, Year:1975, Mileage:24000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
recently I had 2 valve springs break on cylinder 2. I took the head off, had the valves and springs replaced and head checked for leaks. The shop said it was OK. I reinstalled the head, adjusted the valves and ran the engine. Now the breather is blowing white smoke the entire time the engine is running. I also hear tapping like a valve is getting stuck and the distance from the valve to the rocker is increased. The next day with the engine cold I rechecked the valve adjustment and it's good, .008 exhaust, .006 intake. So I start the engine and get it warm. Then I check the compression. Cylinder 1 is 125 psi, 2 is 105, 3 is 115 and 4 is 115. I am about ready to take the head back off and have it rechecked. What could be the problem? This is a 2.0 with 1.8 heads and it's turbo.

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