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Vehicle Information: Model: 356 Sc Cab; Year: 1965 (Sep 64 mfg); Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): 1600 SC; Total Mileage: 89,0000;

My car was a European spec delivered with speedo in miles and sealed beam headlites to a GI stationed in Weisbaden, so it is somewhat of a hybrid. Specifically it has the "new" German heating system - big heater boxes and very different heater control cans (look and operate more like the early 911's). Hence two of my problems (1) one of the heater control valves pieces is pretty much toast. Any idea where one might be had? Stoddard indicated the p/n was listed as Special order from Porsche at $709.xx (if available), (2) having trouble figuring out how the carbureto heaters go back together. No good pictures in the workshop manual or the parts books. These are the little black tubes with a manually controlled flapper that attach to small diameter paper tubes that pass thru the top back engine shroud and connect to a port off of the heat exchanger.Any advice on where these mount onthe carbs - didn't follow your rule about taking picture before it was taken apart. :-( A picture would be great!Thanks,Judy

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