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Some one who can actually work on these older cruise control modules

  • 1982
  • 911 SC Targa
48 320
Morgan Hill, 

 Have installed original Porsche Cruise control using all original components from yes, a wrecking yard. All components including wiring harnss all passed our visual and electrical testing. We tested harness from main relay/module to clutch switch prior to install. We had to make our own harness from pedal switches to back service and throttle switch, not an issue.

We strive to installed said conponents exactly like Porsche intended and this install was installed as such. Eveything in place like the factory would have installed. Process took almost 10 hrs to do.

Now to the question (Sorry). We know from working on Porsches for almost 40 yrs the early modules would occationally go weak and not "Hold" speed @ times. The module was almost always the culprit.

Does anyone know who is repairing said modules with stronger output stages (may not be the correct wording) to repair as this component is no longer available new.



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