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Vehicle Information: Model: 911t; Year: 1970; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.2; Total Mileage: 81,000 (approx);

Two quick questions:Question 1. What is the part number (if there is one) for the four plastic clips that the speaker grille pins insert into? Mine became brittle and broke (more like disintegrated). I have asked at the local Porsche dealership and they looked on the fiche and could not come up with the part number. They even had a new original early dash in the parts dept. but no answer resulted from that check either. If there is no part number, any idea where can I get these little plastic gems. Question 2. Do you know if there is enough room on the engine of a 1970 911t to replace the oil return tubes (with ones that are extendable) without removing the heat exchangers? 101 Projects for your Porsche 911 (Dempsey) indicates that on some 911's the space between the heat exchangers and the engine is too tight and the exchangers must be taken off. My heat exchangers have been on for a long time and I would like to avoid removal of the exchangers (for now, they are in serviceable condition). I have not checked the amount of space myself yet (and before I spent too much time trying) I thought I would ask (and save time if the answer was readily known). IF not, I'm sure with a some poking around on my car I will get the answer to my own question!

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