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Speaker Wiring for 1987 911

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Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Carrera; Year: 1987; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 Liter; Total Mileage: 149,500;

I recently did some AC work in the front trunk of my 1987 911 Carrera. To access the evaporator I had to disconnect the aftermarket amp in the front trunk. I thought I had labeled everything before I disconnected the amp but now I am not so sure that I have put everything back the same way as it was. I traced the speaker wires from the amp back to the car wiring harness. Here is my set up:Wires from Radio Wires from SpeakerRight FrontSolid Black (+) BLK/WHTBrown with Black Stripe (-) BRNLeft FrontSolid White (+) BLK/WHTBrown with White Stripe (-) BRNRight RearSolid Red (+) REDSolid Brown (-) BRN/REDLeft RearSolid Yellow (+) YELBrown with Yellow Stripe (-) BRN/YELAccording to the Bentley manual, wire colors change between the radio and the speakers. The wires from my amp are connected to the wires from radio as listed above, which mainly agrees with the Bentley manual. (I suppose it is possible that the wire that I am calling Solid Brown actually has a red stripe, but I could not see it.) The wiring I am seeing makes sense since the aftermarket installer would tend to cut the wires close to the old head unit. The information above for the wires from speakers is from the Bentley manual.I have added polarity indications (+/-) based on the convention that solid wires are (+) (connect to the + side of the speaker) and brown or brown striped wires are (-). I want to make sure my set up is correct. I am mainly concerned about polarity because driving the speakers the wrong way may damage them and produce poor sound.Unfortunately the Bentley manual does not indicate polarity. Neither does the previous post: 1986 911 Carrera Speaker & Audio Fader (Console) Schematics dated 3/31/2003. That post also shows a different destination than the Bentley manual for the yellow and yellow striped wires. The Bentley diagram supposedly shows wiring for 1986-1989 cars without the Audio Option Pack. According to my options codes my car did not include the Audio Option Pack so that diagram should apply.I am trying to avoid having to pull the speakers. Can you confirm that my set up is correct? Can you discern polarity from the layout of the (Bentley) wiring diagram? I am hoping that you have a wiring diagram that will resolve this. Thanks.

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