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sportomatic clutch engagement


Vehicle Information: Model: 911T Sportomatic; Year: 1973; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.4 w/ new Mahle P&C to 2.7. C/ratio unknown, but compression is 182.; Total Mileage: unknown;

Thanks Ed, but the clutch engagement normally works quickly. The problem is, especially when accellerating briskly, shifting, and after plenty of time passes to get complete engagement, there is (frequently but not always) enough slippage/lack of engagement that you can feel the car slowing down until you take your foot off the accellerator. The clutch then seems to engage solidly and stay there no matter how hard I accellerate. My mechanic (an excellent old 911 hand) completely overhauled the transmission and clutch, and he says it looks pretty dry to him. He thinks there is little chance there is oil in the clutch, and I agree because oil would make it slip all the time. Something is keeping it from always engaging after a shift. It's all pretty old stuff, so I'm hoping you can tell us what to start replacing first. My thought is to swap a working vacuum control valve from another car to eliminate the easy stuff first. Do you still think it is worth playing with the adjustment on the vacuum control valve? Is there something about the design of the transmission/clutch that prevents clutch engagement if the motor is spinning too fast?Crazy stuff, but this is a silver T with a sunroof and red interior. A really beautiful car, and my fourth.Thanks very much.

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