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squeaking noises at rear end


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 carrera; Year: 1986; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 74K;

This car is in very good stock, unrestored condidtion. It is a Euro version and it also has the wide body option. I can find just one tiny flaw in the flares but I think they were not done at the factory.Recently, for no apparent reason it has developed a very loud squeaking noise at the rear end. It is most noticeable on bumpy pavement at low speeds or just as the car comes to a stop.It appears to be on the passenger side near where the vertical arm and the large diameter support shaft meet...just inside the passenger side wheel and toward the front oof the car.We isolated the noise simply by rocking the car up and down at the rear end. There does not appear to anything loose or missing at the area mentioned above. I tried spraying silicone and various lubricants on all the suspect areas but it did no good at all. Any suggestions?

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