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Squeaky Front Suspension

  • 2010
  • 911 Carrera 4S
50 000

About 18 months ago, having moved from Montreal (Humid) to Calgary (Dry) Alberta, a problem I had never noticed driving in Quebec became apparent. When the car is cold (or even driven in winter in Alberta) it does not seem to squeak at all. When I start driving it is hardly noticeable. After 15-20 minutes the amount of "squeaking" becomes bothersome to the point of be embarrassed when city driving with pedestrians being able to hear it as well. When cold and I press on left front quarter panel, and can hardly hear anything. Doing teh same thing when the car is brought back after a drive, and the same exercise I hear allot of squeaking both on the compression and decompression. Porsche told me it might be fixed by changing a control arm or wishbone, the price of the part was 3500 or so.........

Would a greasing be of some use. Any help would/comments/suggestions would be appreciated. 




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