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Starter doesn't engage flywheel


Model: Targa, Year:1984, Mileage:250000, Type of use:Street use only
I have owned the car for 18 months now (mileage is in km). Vehicle is a ROW imported to California in 1989. Engine was changed from original to Serial number 64G01144 with transmission 74G01338. I believe this is a 930.21 configuration vice the original 930.20. Over the winter I removed the engine and transmission in order to conduct several maintenance activities easier done with engine removed, including most accessible seals and gaskets, however the major work was to replace the clutch and flywheel as they were both slipping and burned (blue in colour through entire flywheel. After ensuring all torques were correct on flywheel bolts, new pilot bearing, lub, cleaning of entire area of grease and grime, it was reassembled and slid together beautifully, torquing the transmission bolts accordingly prior to reinstallation into the car. With all reconnected, new oil, air filter, fuel filter etc, the moment of truth was somewhat anti-climactic with the starter clicking and whrrrrring, but no engine rotation. After removing the starter and cleaning, there appeared to be some sluggishness to the shaft popping out, so acquired another starter - installed, but same issue. Wiring was checked thoroughly with starter being run by extension of car wiring on the floor to ensure all was as it was supposed to be. The starter action kicked the shaft out with quite a force and spun as intended. When looking at the edge of the flywheel through the starter hole, it appears (hard to really confirm) that the front edge of the flywheel is shinier than the surrounding area, leading me to believe that the starter isn't seating against the flywheel properly. First I thought I may have ordered and installed the incorrect flywheel (930-102-033-01 part number), but am advised by numerous forums and individuals that it's the same flywheel and starter across both engine types. This then confuses me as to what the issue / resolution might be. The only thing I can think of could be alignment of the starter to transmission bell housing or transmission to engine. As I can't see into the area where the starter is engaging the flywheel it's impossible to figure this out. The car is in my garage vice near a shop and this seems like a rudimentary problem to me somehow. I'd rather not have to drop the engine again to disassemble it and find out nothing is in fact wrong, but I do not know how to ensure that either the alignment is correct or what else the problem might be.The weather is great and it's time to bring her out of hibernation, but starting is critical. I was thinking of push starting to ensure the engine is running, but obviously that isn't a permanent solution. Any help from the experts would be appreciated.Thanks from Ottawa, Canada

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