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Starter Solenoid Wiring


Vehicle Information: Year: 1983; Body Type: Coupe;

In trying to diagnose a starting issue, seems to be the ignition switch from other problems answered on this site, I burnt the small yellow/blue wire on the solenoid and need to replace it. I do have a wiring diagram of an 83 SC, but am having a very hard time tracing back exactly where this small yellow/blue wire originates so I can replace it properly. It seems to trace back to a 12 prong connection in the back of the engine compartment and then back to the starter switch, but I cannot find a yellow/blue wire within the 12 prong connection to definitely ensure that I replace it correctly. The diagram also seems to indicate this wire goes to a cold start and other switches. Could you possibly walk me thru the path for this wire from the solenoid back so I can replace it properly. Also would appreciate you verifying exactly which connection on the solenoid this wire connects to (50 or 15)and which wire (larger yellow, or smaller yellow/blue) actually engages the solenoid. I appreciate your site very much. thx.

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