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Starting Boxster S in the morning.


Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (type, size, modifications): Stock; Total Mileage: 52000; Transmission: Tiptronic;

Hi,I bought my car just before the warranty expired and took her to the dealer in Arlington, VA for complete inspection (to see if anything may need to be repaired). Well, less than 1000 miles later (and out of warranty) the car started to have problems with starting in the morning. It would kind of choke/burp and barely responds to throttle increase for about 10 seconds. After that everything seems fine.I called the service manager and he suggested that I changed the oil and plugs (OEM plugs). He also said Porsche probably won't honor the warranty. Well, I had them changed them and problem still persist.What do you think the problem is and is it worthwile fighting for warranty repair? He mentioned it could be mass air flow sensor or O2 sensors.Thanks for your time.

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