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Vehicle Information: Model: 914-6; Year: 1970; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 1991cc stock engine; Total Mileage: UK;

I have a stock 914-6 with 20W/50 oil. It just received a tune up (oil and ignition parts). I moved the fuel pump to the front and installed a fuel filter between the pump and the 40 IDT carbs a couple of years ago (I haven't driven it much in the last two Summers). When warmed up, it runs satisfactorily. However, it is very difficult to start from cold (irrespective of the temperature outside). I have to pump the gas pedal furiously to keep it running until it starts to warm up(3 - 5 minutes), and it pops and backfires through the carbs the whole time. The stock fuel pump is a couple of years old and has few miles on it. I suspect that not enough fuel is reaching the carb when cold (perhaps draining back to the pump in front when cold). Is this a common problem due to the movement of the fuel pump to the front? Is the filter acting to restrict fuel to the carbs (it also is quite new). Should I consider some sort of in-line one-way valve in the fuel line? I have typically run the Premium gas (91 Octane) in the car but intend to switch to regular (87 octane). I haven't switched yet. Thanks for your help.

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