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Steering issues


Model: 997, Year:2005, Mileage:51000, Type of use:Street use only
I recently purchased a used 2005 Carrera S Caprio with automatic tipronic transmission. I love the car but have found it to stall randomly on turns, mostly left. At times this happens during oncoming traffic, going across highways. The engine stays at idling speed but accelerator has no response from the engine. Eventually it will kick in and proceed forward. I have brought the car to Porsche three times and they insist that this is a normal safety feature of the car (PSM). I it has even happened with PSM turned off. Last week I drove the car with a chief Porsche technician in the car with a computer hooked up to the car. Eventually I was able to repeat the stall and stop problem. He states that this is normal to have this disconnect of the engine and the accelerator and the computer showed normal function. I cannot believe that this is normal for a Carrera S, especially while turning or going through a curve. Please give me an opinion on this matter, as it does not seem to be keeping me safer but rather putting me at risk. Thank you for any help you can give me in this matter. Peter W. Mollica 917-747-6663P.Mollica@kingsbrook.orgI prefer to be contacted by phone as I am not often at computer to access my emails. Thank you.

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