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steering shaft & tube

  • 1973
  • 911T
99 000

I need to remove the steering shaft nearest to the steering wheel and the steering tube.  I need to replace the bearing in the steering tube and there is no way to do that in situ.  I had to grind away the theft breakoff bolts and most of the shaft of one long one is still in there (not the hear though).

I need to know what all I have to do to take out the tube or the shaft too if I need to do that also.  Do I need to remove the rest of that theft bolt?  If so, can I access it from the trunk or only from below?

Do I need to remove the dash foam & vinyl facia (knee guard?) so I can tilt the tube down for removal?

Or do I have to pull the tube straight out?

I have the bentley and several other manuals but they are not at all helpful.





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