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Steering Wheel Jiggling Upon Braking


Vehicle Information:

I have 2 braking issues. First, I am aware of a slight grab and release when braking to a stop. Second, more seriously, upon light to moderate braking at highway speed the steering wheel vibrates back and forth quite vigorously.I have put a dial indicator on all 4 discs, rotated them, and find that the fronts and the right rear have almost no runout. However the left rear has a runout of .002 inch. I have also checked the thickness of all discs with a micrometer at six different locations and find all 4 discs are almost perfectly even in thickness.What is the permissible runout for the rear disc, and can a wobbling rear disc reflect itself through the hydraulics to one of the front brakes, thus causing the steering wheel to vibrate as if the front disc were not true? And further, which defect is more likely to cause such a problem, runout or variation in thickness?

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