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Steering Wheel Vibration/Oscillation

Suspension and Steering

Model: 993 C4, Year:1995, Mileage:100000, Type of use:Street use only
Joel,I have a 1995 993 C4 coupe. It has 100K easy highway miles and is in mint condition. I have two issues I would like some advice on. 1.For almost 2 years I have noticed a steering wheel oscillation on light braking. There is a slight vibration going up through the speed range at about 30mph without braking, but it is most pronounced on braking. We have replaced the rotors, twice. All suspension components check out. I just put a new set of tires on and it remains. Wheels seem straight and have no major impacts. Steering rack has been checked/adjusted to take out any play. Ideas?2.This seems unrelated, but not sure. There is a clicking noise from right front on acceleration from low speeds with wheel turned right. C-links replaced (M030 option). Again all suspension and steering links appear to be ok. The technician checked with some colleagues and suspects the top strut bearing, but in my interest $$ doesnt want to dive in blindly. I wondered about driveshaft splines or wheel bearing endplay. Any additional suggestions would be appreciated. This car is getting kind of dated and obviously the techs are not seeing them every day. Best Regards,Ron Reece

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