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Steering Wheel won't fit on column all the way

  • 1973
  • 911T
99 000

I bought what I thought was the original stock steering wheel for my 1973.5 911T.  It is p/n 901-347-081-20 and has "R B 11 69" in a larger stamped font on the top; and has that Porsche P in triangle logo stamped in the hub on the left-hand side.  I thought I'd repalce the Momo wheel with this one, BUT it will not slide onto the splines all the way.  I thought all 901/911/914 sterring wheels fit the early 911s??

I can get it on partway - as far as to make the end of the column shaft flush with the front surface of the wheel hub, but it just won't push on any further so the threads will protrude and I can screw the nut on.  I've even tried it rotated partway in case the turn signal cancel projection was the problem.  I do have the spring and curved circlip type ring on it.  Maybe that is blocking it somehow??  Should I push the circlip ring down somehow so the spring is compressed?

I've also tried jiggling it, moving it at an angle to try and make sure the shaft is prefectly centered, etc. nothing works and it is very frustrating.

Can you tell me what's wrong?  I can send photos if you want.


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