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Sticky clutch pedal


Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3 930 with rebuilt transmission and RSR clutch; Total Mileage: 64500;

What would cause my clutch to stick momentarily at about 1/3 travel on the way up? This problem is not constant (about 50%), but seems to occur after the first dozen shifts. It may later go away at some point during the drive and come back that drive or the next. When the sticking occurs, the pedal doesn't travel the full distance to the floor and feels slightly stiffer than normal at the bottom (cable binding?). Also, while it is happening it sticks momentarily before abruptly letting go. It feels as though the cable may be binding or some lubricant has become gummy/tacky. My Porsche mechanic lubricated the spring on the transmission end and noticed the spring on the pedal end was missing. I didn't have the time that day to replace it. Could this missing spring cause this problem, or is it a cable issue?

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