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Storing Car on Car Lift

  • 2002
  • 911 Carrera Cabriolet
60 000

Been weighing pros/cons of a home use car lift - 4 vs 2 post. I like the 2 post for smaller footprint and more accesability. However I do want to store 911 Cab up high during winter months and old school thoughts are NEVER store on 2 post with wheels/suspenstion hanging free and basicaly over extended as well as possible body twist. The newer 2 Posts are much safer and quite capable of safetly holding up the car for months but the suspension concerns are still there. Reading through many blogs until my eyes couldnt take it anymore and it seems split on opionions. Any advise as to if the 911 Cab would have either suspension (shocks, bushings etc) or Body twist issues being suspended by 4 jack points for 5 or so months? Would have been easier to move a few latitudes south :>)   !

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