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Storm water damage and electrical failure

  • 2005
  • Boxster
101 000
Electrical and Electronic
Pembroke Pines, 

It seemed that Tropical Storm Sally passed by with nothing more than lots of rain, but when I went outside the morning after I was shocked to see the windows on my 2005 Boxster partially down about 2-3 inches, the spoiler deployed, and the power locks not working.  After opening the car with the metal key I saw that it was completely electrically dead, and a closer look revealed standing water on the floor behind the driver's seat.  I've cleaned up what I can and am preparing to have the car flat-bedded to a dealership.

Searching online has revealed that the rear body control module is vulnerable in its position underneath the seat, and would explain some of my problems, but I still don't know what would cause the windows to lower, etc. and let the water in.  What else besides that module is behind the problem (and possibly fried)?  Is it likely that the car will be reliably (and economically) repairable, or am I looking at a potential write off?

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