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Straight 30 weight may be better than multi-weight?

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Like many others, I have a set of Up-Fixin' that I like to refer to from time-to-time.  Yesterday, I came across something that completely shook me.   I assume you have access to the following:  Vol V, page 179?  Under the heading "Oil"  it says (in part), "...No engine would last more than 24 hours on multi-grade oils. All engines on standard regular oils would run 150 hours..."  Mr Stoddard was talking about a test Porsche done in the early 60s with a 356 Super 90 engine.  They basically ran it at between 5500 and 5800 rpm for 150 hours - the equivilent of driving flat out for roughly 16k miles. [formatting added]
I won't re-write the whole article here, but there are some very controversial comments (like above, IMO) and I'd like your opinion about whether these comments have stood the test of time?  Like many others, I have been using multi-weight oils since the 60s and totally bought the advertising.  Mostly I'd like your view on the snippet above.  I'm getting ready to buy 3 gal of oil and it's very pertinent to me.

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