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Strong Exhaust Smell - Noticable when standing outside the car as well as inside


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Carerra; Year: 1987; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 - Cat-bypass pipe, chip, performance air filter; Total Mileage: 141,000;

My car has a strong, noticeable exhaust smell. If I were to stand outside the car, next to the tail-pipe, the fumes would be extremely strong. The exhaust is clear and doesn't look white. It reminds me of the smell that old ice-cream trucks have. The smell is also noticeable while driving with the windows down, mostly noticeable while idling at a stop light. I can drive with the windows up and I won't smell it unless I am sitting at a red light for a long time.My car has 141K original miles and everything is original. The previous owner put on a CAT bypass pipe, performance chip and air filter. I purchased my 911 about 6 months ago and it came with all of the records since the first owner. I had a pre-purchase inspection that passed with no major issues. The compression was good in all cylinders and the oil consumption is about 500 - 600 miles per quart. This car has a lot of power and still runs strong. It doesn't smoke. I also had the shop do a valve adjustment and replace the sparkplugs. I didn't notice the exhaust smell at the time or I would have asked the mechanic.I'm going to order a new catalytic converter and change the O2 sensor because it doesn't seem like it has been replaced in over 60K miles. I also plan on replacing the fuel filter.I'm thinking that it could be running too rich due to a faulty O2 sensor or the performance chip.Do you have any suggestion on what the cause could be? Is this a normal characteristic of these cars?Thanks for your help.

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