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Strut Mount Replacement

Suspension and Steering

Model: 996 C4S, Year:2003, Mileage:69500, Type of use:Street use only
I'd emailed a few months ago about having strut mounts replaced. The local non-dealer porsche shop had suggested my front strut mounts be replaced on a 2003 996 C4S and you'd said that it can be normal but you wouldn't 2nd guess someone who'd seen it for themselves. I never did get them replaced, and recently had a look at the struts while) putting on my summer tires (I drive the car year-round daily. There was no change in the movement present (it is only in the front shocks, worse on one side than the other and by worse it moves 2mm instead of 1mm). I wanted to clarify one point: what moves is not the strut, but the spring. The struts themselves are rock solid. Does that make a different in your advice?Thanks so much - I should tell you I really appreciate this service. It is worth the PCA membership alone!

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