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Suspension Noise


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5 w/TPC supercharger,H&R lowering springs,H&R 26/23 mm sway bars,short shifter; Total Mileage: 68,000;

Bought my Boxster used with all the mods shown except the larger sway bars.This is a DE/daily driver with a sleeve failure factory replacement at 40k and the supercharger install at 10k on the new engine.At 67k I installed the larger bars,car still has original shocks inplae with no evidence of leaking.Since I installed the bars I have what I'd term a suspension "clunking" over rough areas in the road,seemingly front and rear discernable at 15-30 mph.Not noticeable at speeds over 35mph.The noise was not there with the stock bars.Everything appears tight.Theory is that the shocks are worn and have a dead zone of sorts causing this audible clunk/rattle and that a set of sport shocks would solve my problem.Any thoughts?Thanks

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