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Suspension shop recommendation in Metro Detroit

  • 2006
  • Cayman S
35 000

I need to find a good suspension shop in the Metro Detroit area.

Last weekend I bought an 06 Cayman S (less than 35k miles) in Chicago through a wholesaller.  I haven't gone through the suspension to determine if I just have lowering springs or coilovers, but it is lowered to the point that I can't get up my driveway without scraping, even backing in. Lowering springs I've researched don't typically drop the front by that much.

The measurement from the center of the wheel to fender opening is 13" front, 14" rear.

Adjusting the lopsided Fabspeed exhaust tips last week on a warm day, I noticed that a previous owner has also installed a Tarett rear stabar/drop links and has shod the car with Yokohama Advan Neova(s) @ over $1200 (per TireRack).  Although the car handles amazingly well, better than the previous 5 examples I test drove, scraping the front every time I take the car out, is unacceptable.  I need to dial down the track focus to more of a daily driver.

There were PCA window badges in the back side windows when I got the car. Is it possible to trace the previous owner through the club, by VIN?





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