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Suspension wear items for 1985 911 - Part 2

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 1985; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 40,000;

Hi Chris, Thanks for the response to my orginal question. Regarding your questions of "Do you feel that the suspension performance has deteriorated? And if so, in what way?": I feel that the suspension performance has possibly deteriorated because:1. The engine mounts deteriorated and I believe gave me shifting problems during a DE (from 2nd to 3rd in a left hand turn). I replaced the mounts with Club Sport mounts and the shifting seems better. But I won't do a DE again until next week so I'm not completely convinced that the mount rubber was the source of the problem. Either way, I assume that if the engine mounts were deteriorated, then the suspension bushings probably are too. 2. The rubber bushings for the rear anti sway bar have small cracks, look somewhat brittle, and look loose (the same way the engine mounts looked before I replaced them).3. The November Excellence "Project 914" article pointed out that the 914's suspension bushings were worn and that "Such wear is typical in older Porsches. Even if the car has not been driven very much, its weight compresses the rubber A-arm bushing over time. Eventually, metal-to-metal contact occurs.". Obviously this 914 is older than my car. But my car is still 24 years old.4. The car feels like it wallows when I make it slalom. At the same time, I have minimal experience with 911s; I've never driven a 911 until I owned this car and I've only owned it for three years. After owning a Honda CRX (I know, this is a very different car than a 911), I am disappointed in the 911's relative lack of agility. If you can tell me that the suspension is probably okay, that would be great. As I'm sure you know, the quote for the parts came out to about $3100. So if everything is okay, I'd much rather spend that money on more DEs. Art Lyle

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