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tail light lens gasket installation

  • 1971
  • 911T
125 000
new columbia, 

Am having difficulty in getting a good seal between the taillight lens and new gasket.  I removed the old lens, loosened the two machine screws in the taillight housing and gently moved the housing rearwards.  I clened off the old, cracked gasket and the flange around the housing. I placed the new gasket around the housing ensuring that the grove in the gasket fit firmly around the flange.   To that end I used a little black silicone to hold the gasket firmly in place .  After it set, I retightened the two machine srews while positioning the light assembly.  When it came to atttaching the lens, I simply could not get a good seal on either end ot the lens or along the top outer edge.  I tried to use (1) my original lens ( USA style),(2) the Euro style lens that had been on the car for 25+ years and (3) a new set of EURO lens.

I ealize this is pretty basic, but could I have fouled up the placement of the new gaskets?  They were purchased from Stoddards so I am pretty confident in the quality.

I would appreciate any suggestions.


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