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Tapping sound, water pump???


Model: Carrera 911, Year:2002, Mileage:29,896, Type of use:Street use only
Here are symptons/history (2002 996 Carrerra Coupe, 29,000 miles);-first the tapping sound comes from the rear/lower part of the engine.-it does seem as though it gets loudest after engine is warm.-I also recently had 'LOW' coolant level light and topped off reservoir with the proper 'Pink/Red' coolant/water mix.-I took the car to Annapolis Porsche for 30K check and identified noise/symptoms.-Completed 30K, said ALL is good. On drive home after engine warmup, anti-freeze leak on driver's side muffler tip and tapping noise was as described above.-returned vehicle immediately, and am awaiting there conclusions.Comments......................

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