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Temperate gauge warning light

  • 2004
  • 911 Carrera Cabriolet
54 000

During cold weather (<45 F) when first driving the car, as soon as the temp gauge starts to move a little off bottom (100F mark) the gauge will often drop back to the bottom (far left) and the temp warning light will flash at 1 HZ.  After a few minutes of driving the temp gauge will begin to function normally.  Per WSM 19-12-01 this would possibly indicate "temp sensor at water outlet faulty" except the pointer is at the left, not the right as described in the WSM.  Have replaced engine temp sensor, coolant tank and external coolant tank level sensor, replaced thermostat, cleaned all grounds and sensor connectors, cleaned the large connectors (X59/1 & X59/2), tested the sensor with the pin outs at the X59 connector and it tested fine. Fresh coolant within last 12 mos. Last time it occurred was able to connect car to PIWIS and an error code P0116 was detected. Coolant temps read fine. After clearing fault, the gauge immediately returned to normal operation. P0116 indicates enigne temp sensor problem. But this was replaced after first encountering problem and the problem continues even after replacement. Once the car threw a CEL of P0128, "engine coolant thermostat", but thermostat has been replaced twice (from LNE 160 to stock 180 back to LNE 160). Tested engine compartment sensor with heat gun and it did start the engine compartment fan.  Never had an overheading problem, even in summer. This only happens when ambient air temp is 45F or below.

Not sure it matters but this is a 3.8L Flat6Innovations Stage II engine.

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