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Is there anyway to know when the IMS Bearing is on its last leg? My 2004 GT3 seems to wine much louder than ever when I drive in reverse. Is that a sign?

  • 2004
  • 911 GT3
51 000

I'm wondering if there's any way to tell if the IMS Bearing is about to give out.  I let my Son borrow the car for a day at the track at Monticello, NY.  When he returned the car I noticed a few problems.   My 2004 GT3 reverse gear wines very loud when I drive it in reverse, it gets louder if I press the clutch, and let the car coast backwards. (leaving it in gear) 

In addition; whenever I drive the car, (and it's completely warmed up), if I stop somewhere for 15 or more minutes, when I return to the car and re-start the "warmed up" engine, the valve lifters are extremely loud.  The car sounds like it's been sitting for 6 months and all the oil has drained out of the lifters.  When this happens, there's also some smoke (similar to starting it after a long winter).  I've learned my lesson about letting my son borrow a GT3; however, does anyone have an answer regarding the transmission wining, or the loss of oil pressure in the Valve Lifters.



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