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Thoughts on Porsche Classic 5w-50 oil for 996?

  • 2002
  • 911 Carrera
31 800
Cherry Hill, 
New Jersey

I've done some research on this topic but can't really get a good answer as to the benefit of Porsche Classic Oil for the 996.  I'm not a fan of zero weight oil's but I currently use the 0W-40 Mobile 1.  The car has been to one 2 day HPDE event and is mostly used for spirited driving during the warmer months in New Jersey about 2,500 miles per year with 31,xxx miles on the odometer.  I change the oil in the spring  annually due to the low miles driven and can pick up the 0w-40 really cheap at Costco. 

Can anyone say if the Classic oil is worth the extra expense, even compared to the 5w-50 Mobile 1?  Or is it actually just the 5w-50 Mobile 1 wearing the Porsche badge for the mark up?  

In any case I find myself thinking the heavier weight oil is just better for the engine considering it's age.  Your thoughts and insight are much appreciated.





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