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three piece engine case replacement?


Model: 912, Year:1967, Mileage:210000, Type of use:Street use only
Some time ago I had my engine reconditioned caused by a connecting rod bearing problem. As part of the engine examination process, the engine machinest told me that the 3 piece engine case had to be replaced. I was able to acquire a replacement engine case cover. As the engine number is stamped on the 3 piece engine cover, I am reluctant to assemble the engine using the replacement cover. The original cover never has leaked oil from either the seal or from the faying sufaces between the back cover and the other two pieces of the engine crankcase. Is there a check or measurement I can make or have done to make a determination as to the fit of the 3 piece cover? The machine shop is no longer in busines. When I asked the machinist at the time of the examination what was wrong with the original cover, I did not get any satisfactory answer. The importance of using the original engine cover with the original engine number is of course important from a number matching point of view .What course of action do I have? Your reply will be very much appreciated. Please reply to cdhenny@verizon.netThank you,Carl Henny

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