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Time/miles to first oil change


Vehicle Information: Year: 2005; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.7l; Total Mileage: 2426; Transmission: Manual;

While synthetic oils are great at extending service intervals 20,000miles seems really long before the first oil change.I recall on our new Volvo I had changed it at 3000mi (Volvo recommends of between 7500-10000) and had noticed small metal flakes in the oil filter cover. By the 3rd change the oil was coming out clean. Being a turbo I have used synthetic in it and keep it at the longer intervals. I had been using Valvoline Synpower on it but after 35000mi noticed some caking under the oil cap and switched it to Mobil1 which cleaned it up, seeming to withstand the high turbo temperatures better.What is your recommendation & experience with these long service intervals (on the 986 it was 15,000mi right and how do you feel about the 20,000mi on the 987). During break in I kept it within the recommended engine limits, although when I asked a Porsche representative he said that it was the USA requirement, in Germany the important practice recommended was to vary the engine speed (easy to do over there). We ran it at speed most of the time. And once past the official USA break in we took it up to 150mph often. Given its current use, would a much earlier one be good for at least the first oil change rather than wait 2yrs or 20000mi? Also, while in Europe, during the first 2000mi I added about 600ml of 0w-40 Mobil1 to keep the level at the top bar. Will this rate of consumption subside over time?

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