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Timing belt age & EDPM ribber now used?

  • 1991
  • 944 S2
110 000
San Francisco, 

I read the previous question about timing belt age. Is there any supporting data on a 5 year age limit, or is this just a popular unsupported guess ??

I understand that manufacturers began switching to a new belt material - EPDM rubber, in early 2000, and that it has much better aging properties. Any up to date information on this relative to both usage life and mileage limit???

My last belt was 10 years old and the prior one was 7 years without any issue - both were replaced close to the 45,000 mile limit that the S2 manual recommends.

My timing belt is about 5 years old with less  than 5,000 miles on it - not eager to replace it.

I've been pursing belt manaufacturer for their opion but as a single individual not sure I'll get an answer




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