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Timing change replacement?

  • 2000
  • 911 Carrera
92 000
Carthage , 

Well I must ask this question cause I know you can do it on the air cooled machines. Can you change the timing chains and rails in the M96 3.4L engine without taking the entire case apart? If so is it something that one should investigate in doing before 200k miles. I know that my engine does have all roller chains instead of the newer style gear chain on the crank to IMS. I ask because of past experience around air cooled but also that fact that Honda made a false statement when they said the timing chain in my 07 Civic coupe 5 speed would last the life of the vehicle. I went to set the valves on it at 200k miles and lifted the cam chain off the sprocket and set it back down. NOT COOL AT ALL! tensioner had run out of travel cause the rails wore down. After that happens the chain starts to slide up and down on the gear teeth. BAD DEAL! Anyway any info would be appreciated.

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