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Tiptronic fluid level

  • 1994
  • 968 Cabriolet
120 000
Center Cross, 

Mr. Burris:

I posted this subject earlier and have a follow-up question.  I followed your recommendations and started the filter replacement process from the beginning.  Reinstalled the filter(torqued bolts to 6ftlb) and O-ring(both new from Porsche) added fluid until the level was approximately one-inch from the bottom of the reservoir with the engine running in neutral and a pan temp of 85 degrees F.  Turned the engine off and fluid immediately flowed back into the reservoir.  No matter what the fluid level is in the reservoir as soon as the engine is turned off fluid will flow back into the reservoir.

It appears that the body of the filter will not mate flush with the piece it mounts to because of the thickness of the bushings that the mounting bolts go through.  The only seal between the valve body and the Xmission pan is the O-ring around the neck of the filter. 

Should the filter act as a check valve and allow fluid to flow from the Xmission pan to the valve body only?  If you pour fluid into the cavity(fill it) in the top of the filter fluid will flow out the low side of the filter until a certain level is reached in the upper cavity and then stop as long as the filter is level.  If it isn't level fluid will continue to flow out the low side but at a reduced rate.

Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

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