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Tiptronic slipping when up-shifting


Vehicle Information: Year: 1997;

I am not asking for myself but for a fellow Boxster owner.He has a 97 Boxster with 5 spd Tiptronic. He believes he's having a problem with the transmissionit slips when up-shifting. His dealer tells him that the problem is not with the transmission but rather because when he replaced his Pirelli PZero rear tires the tire design had been slightly modified by Pirelli (the original replacement tire is no longer available) and that the slight difference in the new tire is causing the transmission to become confused and to slip between gears when up-shifting. The dealer suggests he throw out all 4 existing tries and replace them believing this will solve the problem. It may but his intuition tells him this won't fix the problemafter all the replacement tires he purchased match exactly in size the old tires. The only visible difference is that the symbol P-Zero is in red on the new tires.Further, no one locally including two dealers can work on the transmission so if the tire replacement does not fix the problem he's out $1000 for the new tires and still have the slippage problem. Can anyone give him/me advice either as to the likelihood that this is a tire problem or if it is not is there anyone who might suggest someone who might be able to work on the Tip Tronic.Thanks very much for any help you might be able to offer.

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