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Tire advice for 928S4

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Model: 928S4, Year:1990, Mileage:33,600, Type of use:Street use only
I just purchased a mint condition 33,000-mile 1990 928S4. It has Kumho Ecsta 225/50/ZR16 tires (24.9" diameter) on the front and Nexen 245/45/ZR16's (24.7" diameter) on the rear. The car rides extremely harshly over pavement breaks, and has an excessive amount of tire noise, so I'd like to replace these cheap tires with Michelin's. I called Michelin USA and since at age 67 I want road comfort and low noise over ultimate handling, and an all-season tire. They recommended Pilot Sport AS Pluses in which they make a stock-size 225/50/ZR16 (24.9" diameter) for the front, but the closest rear size is a 245/50/ZR16, which has a diameter of 25.7". To have the same diameter front and rear as the car came with, I would use a 225/55/16 on the front, which has a 25.7" diameter. Michelin's only caution was would I have a clearance problem on the front with a tire 0.8" greater in diameter than stock? I'd greatly appreciate hearing from anyone with 928S4 experience on recommended tires for the 928S4 with emphasis on ride comfort and tire noise in an all season tire rather than an ultimate handling summer tire. Thank you in advance. John Doak in Baltimore, MD 410 218-5012 or

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