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Tire air pressure


Vehicle Information: Model: C4; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 16,000;

Recommended tire pressure for the front tires is 36 psi and 46 psi for the rear. Brigstone, Potenza S-03. Front: 225/40ZR18 88Y; Rear: 265/35ZR18 93Y. The tires are hard and make for a bumpy ride on some streets. Formerly, I had a 1999 Corvette, and only put 32 psi in front and back...a quiter and somewhat softer ride. For normal driving, can I reduce the tire pressure in my Bridgestones? Also: on the Corvette, I got 40,000 miles on a set. I'm a new Porsche owner and have been told I should expect about 15,000 on the Bridgstones. Any way to get more miles and a softer ride? I'm willing to sacrifice a little performance since I don't race.

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