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Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Total Mileage: 15,500;

I'm driving a 2001 Boxter S with the sport package. About 2500 miles ago I noticed a front-end wobble developing while driving 50-65 mph on some but not all roads. (18" Pirelli Asimmetrico tires) About 200 miles ago I took the car in for its 15000 checkup and, after explaining my frustration with the wobble, asked the dealer to check the balance and the front end for any anomalies. When I picked the car up he said that the tires were cupping and that I should replace the tires. Strange thing is, for about 150 miles the wobble seemed to have disappeared and then suddenly it has come back. Another annoyance is that the wobble does not appear at all times when driving at the suspect speeds, but seems to be worse on certain asphalt freeways. I don't understand. 3 questions: (1)Does this sound like tire cupping to you, (2) why would it seem to disappeared right after the dealer looked at it and then return after 150 miles, and (3) is replacing the tires the only solution? I still have about 60% of the tread remaining.

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