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Tire dia with 4wd

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Vehicle Information: Year: 2001 ; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 16000;

You have mentioned several times that there is a 4% front to rear allowable tire diameter difference. I'm afraid a 4% difference would overheat the center fluid coupling(?). Do you have any factory documentation to back the 4% figure up? I would hate to end up with a warranty issue. I understand the 4% figure for the PSM and antilock, but does this apply to the center diff? I plan to run 305 or 315/30-18 on the rear. Qestion 2:The OEM tires seem to usually have the front diameter about 1% larger. Is there a reason for this or is it by chance? I heard about racing 4wd Audi's using sifferent F/R diameters to alter which end of the car puts more power down. Could this be used to tune the 996 hqandling?Question3:Will 17" wheels fit on the rear? There are lots of nice 305-335/35-17 tires available for the Viper and Corvette in the correct diameter. I really don't like the harshness, road noise, and vunerability to potholes of the 30 and 25 series tires. Thanks

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