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Tire Replacement on a 911Turbo

  • 2015
  • 911 Turbo
5 150
Wheels and Tires

I have noticed quite a few different opinions on this question and wondering your thoughts.  This is regarding the replacement of a tire on a 911 Turbo.  I recently purchased a 2015 911 Turbo and just noticed that the passenger side front and rear tires have been replaced.  The car is certified and the certificate paper work provides the MM ratings of each of the four tires.  The tires are within less than or equal to 12% tread difference on each axle.  My question:  Is there a Porsche standard or otherwise that suggests when replacing one (1) Tire on a 911 Turbo? Since the Turbo is AWD are all four (4) tires recommeded when replacing one tire  or, can you limit the repalcement to the affected axle?  I understand in my case a bit different as both axles are affected, in that case wondering Porsche standards as to trend wear, etc. 

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