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Tire wear, replacement, and alignment

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5; Total Mileage: 54,300; Transmission: Manual;

I've read all the posts about tires but have a situation that seems to fall between the cracks. Right now I have about 23,000 miles on a set of Michelin Pilot Sports. The rear tires are worn, and the wear is uneven; it increases from the outside (which has tread) to the inside (which is down to wear bars) on each. In contrast, the fronts seem to have quite a bit of tread left and are wearing evenly. This would seem to suggest that I should replace the rears only and align the rears only. Does that make sense? Instead, should I replace the rears but align all four? Or replace and align all four?By the way, while 23,000 miles might seem like a lot as compared with what is reflected on other messages on this site, my prior Pilots (not Sport) gave me 31,000 evenly-worn miles.

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