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Vehicle Information: Year: unk; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 00000000;

Please excuse my rebuttal to your torque wrench question but I need a clarification. You stated that no oil should be present on the wheel stud as it would give a false torque value. Personally, I've always applied a very small amount of oil, WD40, silicone or anything handy to Make sure I "got" the right torque value.During my engine rebuilding days, we always oiled the engine fasteners before tightening for torque. If a thread was dry, it posed the possibility of galling and thus a false reading, or the threads could be slightly damaged, also causing a false reading. The damaged thread scenario was why I refuse to use an impact gun on wheels or virtually any bolt except to loosen stubborn over torqued fasteners.Again, I don't wish to insult you or challenge your knowledge, your help via the tech. questions has been invaluable.

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