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Torsion Bar Replacement


Vehicle Information: Year: 1983; Body Type: Targa;

I'm in the middle of replacing my rear torsion bars with 29mm sway-aways. I've got the spring plates out of the holes on both sides, however the torsion bars are stuck in the spring plates. I've been spraying PB Blaster inside them and wiggling and pulling, but they won't budge. Any ideas how I can go about getting them out?Also, I'm going to be lowering my car to Euro ride height. According to a calculator I found on the internet, I should re-index my 29mm torsion bars to 22-23 degrees. My current torsion bars were set to 35 degrees. I know I have to go with less angle to lower the ride height and due to stiffer bars...but does 22 degrees sound too low?Thanks.

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