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Touch up paint - Color match or original color


Model: 911 sc, Year:1978, Mileage:86000, Type of use:Street use only
Thank you in advance for your help.I have a 1978 911 SC in original mocah black paint, paint code 451. The car has been garaged for approximately the last 22 years, but the paint has never really been cared for or maintained well. As such is it pretty dull with quite a few paint chips all over the car and some small scratches. I am trying to restore the paint to a better condition and have already washed and clayed the paint. I have an orbital polisher and will be polishing the paint and then applying a glaze, seal and wax. I have two questions. The first is when to apply the touch up paint. I believe after the clay and before the polish? Correct? The second is how to best color match touch up paint. With my car's old original paint, do you suggest buying the original paint code or trying to color match to the current color (I'm sure somewhat faded)? If I should have the current color matched, at what point do I do that. After claying but before polishing? Or after polishing? In a nutshell, I am trying to get the orignal paint to look fresh again. If I buy the original paint code for touch up, is there a likely chance that it will look to "fresh" for the rest of the car? If I color match to the current actual color, and then improve/restore the current paint quite a bit, will the matched touch up look as good as the rest of the car? I hope that makes sense. Again, thanks for your feedback.Alan

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