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Transmission - relation to 140 HP engine


Vehicle Information: Model: 912; Year: 1966; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 1600 - being built to about 140 HP; Total Mileage: 186,000;

I am in the process of having my 912 engine rebuilt. I want your opinion on whether the stock transmission will handle an engine that puts out about 140HP. I talked to a guy that builds transmissions and he said that the Porsche transmission is considered fairly weak and I could have a problem if I drove the car hard. I am not a going to race the car but simply enjoy it. I don't want to constantly worry about the trans failing. Please give me your opinion on it. I will be installing a 5-speed 1966 Porsche transmission. It presently has a 4-speed.

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